Tuesday, March 12, 2013

If you're offended...

So, this time around, the republicans didn’t budge, and good for them. This time the GOP says, “you know what, Obama, you’ve had two months, and as usual, you did nothing. So, you aren’t taxing us more. You fix it. You make the necessary cuts.” Keep in mind, Obama chose where he made the cuts.

What do you think Obama did? Cut out the free food and phones for 25 year able-bodied males who haven’t even applied for a job in the last year? Or maybe stop fully supporting women with 5 illegitimate kids? You know what, if you couldn’t afford the first one you shouldn’t have had the second, third…etc. How about not allowing people to spend thousands of dollars on rims, nails, hair while I work overtime and send my taxes to them to pay for their food? How many more examples are there?

Did he cut any of these areas of excessive spending? Nope. Instead, he stopped daily White House tours, he stopped the serving of breakfast for our deployed troops, he stopped national park tours, and no more tuition assistance for our troops. They can use their GI bill. Then he had the nerve to say the GOP would rather hurt our military than to pay more taxes. No, Obama, you chose that. Over all the things you could have chosen, you went with that.

The top 2% shouldn’t have to pick up the slack for your irresponsible spending and poor leadership. And let's be honest, is he really on the side of the middle class? I am the middle class. He's not worried about me. My taxes are going up while their freebies keep flowing in. At some point we all have to take responsibility for our actions, but do we really have to take everyone else’s too? Where does this end and when will the blind followers learn?


BreAnne Lee

we must be kindred spirits lol very well said. nobama is a jerk.

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