Saturday, November 24, 2012

An Unforturnate Reminder

I'd like to share an experience that my honest, protective, and safe husband, Chris, had only a few hours ago. Let me preface this with some of our views and history. In spite of potential backlash I'm going to put this out there, mainly because I know I'm right. We are not gun toting rednecks or paranoid doomsday preppers. We do not think all people are bad; we know that many of them are. We believe in God, we believe in fiercely protecting ourselves, learning self defense tactics, learning and teaching others about guns, what they should be used for, and what the bad people will use them for. We do not pretend like our heavy purses will save us from a rapist, murderer, robber, but a bullet will. Our home town is no stranger to crime. It has never been a particularly safe city, but there are many safer areas. Those areas are growing smaller, not only in our city but throughout the country and the world. The blinders that some people wear in order to continue in their fictional utopia is uncanny. They tend to ignore or deny reality and fear guns unless they're on the hip of an officer. My husband and I both have concealed weapons permits, but in Louisiana open carry is legal. We also teach our children to hunt...with guns and how to use them safely. So, today...

The family all went in separate directions: our eldest went shopping with her grandmother, I took the youngest Christmas shopping, and my husband took the toddler to Kroger. With his .357 Magnum on his hip. This is not unlike him. Again, we in live in Louisiana; honest people like guns here. We are sportsman, we can live off the land, we can kill our food, we can also kill a guy in ski mask who comes through our bedroom window or a crazed shooter at a movie theater. One bullet halts him. One. Bullet. Not long after his shopping trip began, he was approached by a terrified manager because a woman had complained that she was uncomfortable with this visible weapon. Of course we have the right to bear arms, open carry is legal here, and Kroger has no policy against it. But this woman had decided that she didn't like it. The manager could not legally do anything, but my husband obliged and concealed the weapon. A few minutes later the woman walked by Chris humming and smiling in triumph. I find this appalling. Not only the adolescent behavior but the thought that she just imposed on an innocent man. A man that most likely is the only man in the building able and willing to defeat any actual criminal and thereby saving her pretentious rear end.

We have become a society that allows child molesters to be punished with probation and a little flyer sent out with each new address and then suppresses the rights of honest, hard working tax payers.

Ask any inmate what he or she is most afraid of. They are most afraid that their proposed victim will be armed or that someone within shooting range will be armed. I truly wish that people would learn self defense, gun safety and use. We cannot allow ourselves to be victimized due to trepidation. We should not be finicky around weapons, we should embrace them. There was a time in this country when very few would have argued with this post. What happened to those days?


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what a lovely post :)


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Very very thought provoking piece... My husband and I are gun owners and I plan on getting my concealed permit this summer. I really wish people would focus more on the good guys with guns rather than the bad. I think it is great that a teacher in CA was able to talk down the shooter yesterday, but if that shooter's sole purpose was to kill and destroy the only thing to stop him is with what he is using. In a world that we see fear of firearms outweighing our basic liberties it's SO nice to see someone who has this stance!

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