Saturday, January 19, 2013

P90X update and inspiration...

And no you are not getting photos just yet.

Today is day 13. It is really amazing how quickly I have built up strength. For the first 5 days I thought for sure I would kill over at just any moment. But, alas, I sit here and type this. Although my clothes aren't fitting differently, my legs feel much more solid and around my ribs seems to be shrinking. I know what you're thinking....only day 13 and possible shrinkage..yeah, right.

Let me tell you...Four months after I had Avery I realized I was still a cow. This realization came in stark contrast to the 100 lbs I weighed a solid 6 weeks after giving birth to Kyndall. So, I was more resilient back then and it took me 4 months to admit that I must get up and work out. 

In come, P90X... and out comes...super fit Shelley.

Avery is now 3 and a half and we also have an almost 2 year old. So, I am no longer super fit Shelley. 

Now, if you're wondering why I said "seems" to be shrinking, it's because I haven't yet mustered the nerve to weigh or measure for fear of disappointment. This is irrational and I do not care. I can't compare numbers until I am SURE they'll be on my side. Nor will you get picks until then.

But, I feel stronger and more energetic and am quite sure I've already made progress.  

My next step in this is to stop eating junk. I don't have a terrible habit, but if I happen across a bowl full of chocolate covered carmel, well, what's a girl to do?


Lucero De La Tierra

Shelley, you sound JUST LIKE ME. I took much longer to decide I need to get off my butt. I'm finally trying to merge diet AND exercise because one or the other in the past has had only fleeting results. I know with every restart the body resists so I'm at the point where you are now with the tape measure - no comparison til I can actually feel that I'm smaller.

BTW, thank you for visiting my blog Good luck in the Melissa and Doug Deluxe Play Center giveaway.


Congratulations!! Feeling better and stronger is just as important as anything else! You're doing a great job!

I'm your newest follower via CaseyLeigh :) Look forward to reading more!

Aanika from


Congratulations!! Go get it!! My biggest nemesis is sweets and I found the bestest compromise ever!!!! Two scoops of vanilla icecream, milk (I use vanilla almond milk), a rounded teaspoon of hotchocolate powder and a whole banana in a blender. BAM Chocolate, banana, sweet yummy icecream and a low cal treat! Can't wait to read more!


good for you girl!! my husband is doing the challenge!! love your blog ;)

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