Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

I have never thought that making a new year's resolution made a lot of sense.
I always assumed that if you know there is a change to be made you should be striving for it now matter the date.
Maybe it's because I'm finally mature and all that yuck stuff, but I kind of get it. 
Starting a new year. Starting over, starting anew. I guess it makes sense after all.
I will hold to the belief that we should always work to be better, but I understand how Jan 1 might bring about the opportunity to exhale, regroup, and adjust where needed.

That was my disclaimer.

Now, what would I like to do differently, or better, in 2013?
I'm not going to say anything profound here. so no need to put on your seatbelt...

I will eat less chocolate.
I will go to an extra mass during the week every once in a while.
I will continue to read my Jesus Calling app first thing in  the morning.
I will spend more LOUD evenings enjoying my family.
I will attempt to be more patient. This is really a hard one for me.
I will work out an extra time each week.
I will post at least one more blog post this month than last and try to increase my readers.
I will take more photos....UH, yeah, with my new Canon Rebel.

What will you do?


weiya @ enjoyer of grace

Hi Shelley! Thank you so much for stopping by and I'm really happy that it was of some help to you. :) I know that for me, I definitely need to be reminded all the time and I'm so glad the Lord placed so many pursuing companions around us!

And your resolution about being more patient... that's something I need too especially with a toddler. I'm learning though that in myself it's impossible, but what's been helping me is taking a moment to just stop and quietly call on the Lord a few times....Oh Lord Jesus....every time I feel like I"m about to lose it. It totally calms me down and somehow the Lord is able to come in and be my supply for that situation.

Happy New Year! :)

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