Thursday, January 24, 2013

Things I'm Not Lovin Linky Party

 First of all I do LOVE joining linkys.
What I'm not loving this week..
King Cake.Yep, I said it. I live in Louisiana and we are serious about Mardi Gras. King cakes are a festive and delicious part of the season and everywhere you turn you can find one. Some are filled with cream cheese, some raspberry or other fruity yums yums, some are dry....All are filled with cellulite.
As well as I have done this week with staving off craving for chocolate, I made a bee line for this cake upon entering the office. I mean, it's once a year, what could I do? Yes, so now my legs are fluffy and I'm blaming the king cake
Waiting on birth certificate. I will not get into this long story because it kind of infuritates me...if it's possible to be "kind of infuriated." Just know that I've been waiting on an updated copy of my eldest daughter's birth cert and the social worker dropped the ball....and yada's been almost a year.
Not having enough patients. I'm a home health nurse. I make money per visit. With healthcare changing, medicare has made serious cut backs and the state of Louisiana is currently being audited. This week my total visits have plunged. It's terrible. While I know that the Lord will give me good things to do with the new found time on my hands, I want my visits. Which brings my to the last thing I'm not loving this week...
The changing health care. I shall not say more. You either get it or you don't.  


Lulu and Sweet Pea

I've never had King Cake but I don't think I should ever try it! Sounds dangerous!

Oh my goodness...when I was a teenager I needed a copy of my birth certificate too (the original was misplaced) and I swear it took like 6 months! It was a nightmare.

I'm sorry you're having a slow time at work. I SO feel you there. My husband's job is totally commission based & we are in the middle of the slowest season of the year. Praying it picks up for you!!!

Thanks for linking up to Things I {don't} Love :)


UGH. You are not the only one frustrated with the health care system! Is getting a birth certificate as difficult as getting a SS card?! The SS office is so awful, I shudder just thinking about it! Love the post! I am thinking I need to try King Cake!

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