Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The ugliest thing I've ever seen...and it's in my kitchen

My husband enjoys salt water tanks. Anyone who has had one and kept it up knows that it can be time consuming and is rewarding. It takes talent; it's an art. Chris likes to explore new sea life and decor for his tanks and I typically go with the flow. Our kitchen tank has been in need of updating and I suppose he thought last night would be perfect. I was in and out of the kitchen, checking on dinner and then would head back to my room to wrap more gifts. I saw the eel in the Petco bag and really didn't think much of it. I mean, we have had an octopus. What's the big deal about an eel? So I knew we wouldn't eat until the hubby was finished with his project, so when he yelled for us to come eat I headed for the kitchen as usual.....and stopped in my tracks.....the ugliest thing I've ever seen
 This hermit crab is the most appealing thing and it's still not really appealing.

 Look at this...Not only is it a dino head or something weird, but the eel itself is a mini loch ness monster.
I literally went to bed mad at Chris. Really upset. He's not the kind you can really throw your weight around with. I'm having trouble convincing he has to take this down...

Also, I'm trying to upload a video of this stupid thing. Can't seem to get it done. Any tips?


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