Sunday, December 2, 2012

Today is the first day of Advent

Advent is the season in which Christians, especially of the western denominations, prepare for the celebration of the Nativity of Jesus as well as the second coming of Christ. Although Catholics are no longer held to the fasting tradition during this season, some do so on their own volition. I have been a Catholic for only three years and have only fasted during Lent. This season I would like to prepare in a similar way but have not exactly decided what I will do. I know that I will refrain from red meat on Fridays, but I will add to that.

I want to share with everyone that although fasting and prayer do not sound like they'd be all the rage, the combination is cleansing and peaceful. Removing things that you don't have the most control over and focusing on allowing God to speak and move through you are great ways to prepare our minds and souls for a wonderful season. It is also a great way to remind ourselves what the season is truly about and not be taken by the commercial aspects the world has made out of Christmas. This does not mean I don't enjoy shopping, eating, and playing "reindeer games"; It simply means I know and I'm teaching my children what Christmas really is. I plan to share as the season moves on.



Fasting for advent is a good idea. We do not eat red meat so it's not something I have to avoid on Friday's. This is a wonderful idea though!

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